How to Build Your Own Health Routine: Saturday, 25th may 2019, 11:00 – 15:00 H

Aahuti Rai, Wellness Entrepreneur, based in London shares a story of taking responsibility for health. We each are the architects of our own health, so adopting a health routine requires us to be honest about what we know we need to do, but also clarity on what motivates us and how we can fit it into our lifestyle. This is what makes our health routine unique to us, but more importantly makes it work!
Join us for discussion, debate and some lunch. Our menu for the event will be inspired by plant-based nutritional science with a DIY theme.
We are passionate about helping you to create and maintain better health for yourself and those close to you. The rise of disease in modern society is a direct consequence of our lifestyle and environment. We are rapidly learning that habits and routines can make a life-changing difference, but the information being pushed to us on a daily basis can be confusing and not always based on good science. 

The class takes place wit a minimum of 8 people and is in english.

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